Trees & Giving

Trees give us many things: something pretty to look at, something fun to climb, something that shades us in the summer, and some trees even give us fruits like apples and peaches!

We'll come back to this topic of giving in a moment. Let's first start with the tree itself. Trees are made of parts, and you may already know the parts if you've worked with the cards and puzzle of the tree in the classroom, but we have something new here!

Making a Tree

The first thing we need to do is trace our hands, here's my right hand, but don't forget to trace your other hand too!

After we've traced both hands, we can color them! Do you want your tree to be in the spring, summer, or fall? Would there be flowers or different colored leaves depending on what season you make yours look like? What if it was in the winter? You could make four trees for each season if you want!

Connecting and Labeling

Once you're done coloring and connect them, it looks pretty cool! You can then write on paper the different parts: roots, trunk, branches, leaves, and tree (for the whole thing).

But we aren't all the way done yet.

Let's Talk About Giving

What is giving? We can give people things such as a bite of our food, a toy to play with, a necklace we made, but we can also give people our time, patience, or a hug! What else can you think of that has to do with giving? We could say giving is loving and caring for someone by doing something nice. Let's go back to our tree, let's look at the branches, and count how many there are. Can you come up with that many things you'd like to give to the people you love? What do you want to give to them? Maybe a hug? Maybe some help with a task at home? You can write down the things you thought of, and then cut the words out, and put them on the branches of the tree. You don't need to paste them; if you want, you can come up with more than 5 things, maybe 10 or 15 things! And whenever you want, you can go through what you have written, and reflect on things you'd like to give that day, you could put your 5 favorites of the day on the branches!

The Giving Tree - Animated Book

You may have this book at home, or maybe you heard someone read it somewhere. Whether it's new or old to you, do any parts of the book make you feel happy? Do any parts make you feel sad? Do you think the tree gave too many things? Do you think the boy should have given things back? We might have all sorts of feelings about different parts of the book, but I personally like the end, where the tree and boy are sitting together, and they are both giving each other their company. It always feels good when we give to others and they give to us too.

For Experienced Writers

For those of you who like to write creative stories, would you like to make your own version of The Giving Tree? What would you change about the story? What would the boy or girl ask for? Would the boy or girl give anything? Would you tree ask for anything?

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