The Mycenaeans

After the Minoans, but still before the Greeks, were the Mycenaens. Here is what their civilization likely looked like; can you draw a picture of your own Mycenaen civilization with big walls, houses, and a palace?

The Lion Gate

One of the interesting things that is still around from the Mycenaen civilization is the Lion Gate. Lions were important to the Minoans too, and here they are shown above a large doorway! Can you color in the parts of the lion below? Here are the words to label: eyes, mane, whiskers, claws, tail, tuft

Ancient Pottery

All the ancient civilizations are known to have beautiful pottery. Sometimes pots are found almost all in one piece, other times they are shattered and archeologists have to put them back together. The Mycenaens had pottery and decorated it with things such as an octopus or a bull:

Can you make your own drawing of ancient pottery? Print out the picture below - or draw your own pot shape - and then decorate it with animals and designs you like!

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