The Australian Outback

The Outback is the name for the vast, unpopulated, and mainly arid areas that comprise Australia’s interior and remote coasts. The Red Centre, in the Northern Territory, exemplifies the Outback. Below are some pictures of the location of the Outback.

Animals of the Outback

There are many animals that live in the Outback, such as kangaroos, sand goannas (a type of lizard), venomous snakes, thorny devil, frilled lizards, crocodiles, and feral camels, See some photos below, or click here for a description of each animal mentioned above.

What do you think about these creatures? What do you think these creatures eat?


The Outback is a place where travelers go to explore new areas and enjoy beautiful sightseeing. Due to the remoteness of its location, it can de difficult to reach water and convenient places like a supermarket or hotels in the middle of the Outback. Moreover, because there are so many animals that live in the Outback, people that travel need to be cautious of these animals and aware of their path. Take a look of the road signs that you would find if you go to the Outback:

These signs above are warning about emus, camels, and kangaroos.

Make our own Outback sign!

Take a look at the Parts of a Kangaroo and draw and label them!

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