St. Patrick's Day

Today, March 17, many people are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This is a holiday that originated in Ireland, a country that is part of Europe. Ireland is an island-country, as it is a big piece of land completely surrounded by water.

Do you remember the colors in the flag of Ireland?

Can you make your own version of the Irish flag? You can cut some paper and paste as in a collage. Don’t have these colors of paper? Maybe use crayons, markers, or color pencils!

Can you make a flag and instead of coloring it in, fill it in as we do with the metal insets? You can use curvilinear lines, straight lines, short strokes, or any other way you can think of. Can you use a ruler to make the rectangle for the flag?

Do you remember our quatrefoil from the Geometry Cabinet and the Metal Insets?

There is a plant called a clover and it can be a TREFOIL or a QUATREFOIL. Notice the two images below. Are they the same? What’s different between them? Can you draw a Trefoil and a Quatrefoil? Can you make a stem for them?

Here is a photo of real trefoils in nature. Have you seen one before?

If you would like to push pin a trefoil or quatrefoil, draw one and perhaps you can try using a toothpick or a barbeque stick as the pushpin tool. Ask an adult around you and give it a try.

During St. Patrick’s Day, rainbows are very popular too. Rainbows are often seen in the shape of an arch or semi-circle. Can you draw a rainbow? Are there other shapes you can think of for a rainbow? Maybe a straight rainbow, or diagonal, or even circular! What about a triangular rainbow?!

Older children who are reading and/or writing:

Did you know the word “rainbow” is a COMPOUND WORD? That means it is made of two different words. Rain + bow = rainbow.

Can you think of other compound words? Try writing them and even drawing them! This can be your first Booklet of Compound Words.

You can draw the full word, as well as each word that makes up the compound word: For example, for rainbow, see below:

Other St. Patrick’s Day crafts


Irish Dancers

"Somewhere over the Rainbow"


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