Shirts and Dresses "Anatomy"

Did you know there are at least 20 different types of shirts?

Flannel, Aloha, and Tuxedo are just a few types of men shirts. Click here to see more!

Do you have any of the shirts mentioned above? Which one(s)?

Shirts are more complicated than we think. Even the way the sleeve is sewed on the neck part of the shirt can change the name of the t-shirt too!

Take a look at the different Parts of a Men's button-up Shirt:

Here is an activity for Parts of a Shirt. What pattern will your shirt be? Will it have lines? Squares like a flannel shirt? Fancy buttons like a Tuxedo shirt?

If you would like a more difficult activity for reading and writing, click here for a full description of each part of the shirt. You can write these definitions down and check your spelling too.

The collar of a shirt isn’t always the same. There are different types of collars, take a look!

Here are even more types of collars!

Do you have a shirt preference? Is there a type of shirt or dress neckline you like the most?

Do you or someone in your family have a shirt with any of the collars above?

What kind of collar do you think Captain America is wearing in this picture?

Let’s make an Origami shirt!

Start the video at 0:17

Remember when we did the activity of taking two shirts from one of your family member’s closet and unbuttoning and buttoning them?

Can you find two shirts (or dresses!) in your own closet - or a family member's if they are OK with that, and see what type of collar or neckline they have?

Draw them if you’d like! Can you make it out of cutting and pasting?


Just like there are many types of shirts, so are there many types of dresses, and each dress can have a different type of neckline. Options galore!

A-line, Trumpet, Column, Mermaid, Tea Length, Ball Gown.

And here are some types of necklines for dresses:

If you’ve ever watched Cinderella, when she goes to the royal dance, she is wearing a ball gown dress with puffy sleeves. Next to her is a photo of a real ball-gown wedding dress.


Have you ever attended a wedding? Who was getting married? Where was it held? Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part of the wedding? What was your least favorite part? Did you dance?

Write a story!

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