What is a safari? A safari is when people go to look at animals, usually on the continent of Africa. What are some animals you would expect to see while on a Safari? Let's make some with our hands!

Time to Trace

The first thing we need to do is trace our hands. We will add some things to our hand tracing such as a tail, ears, head, or neck. After we trace it, we need to color it to to make it look like the animal! Then we can cut it out and paste it to a different colored paper. You can then add whatever you'd like to your picture. Plants, rocks, food, water, or a picture of you on a safari!

Some Interesting Nature

Africa has a huge variety of interesting nature. Look at these tall Acacia trees that giraffes eat. I've never seen a tree like that where we live! And then look at the malura fruit that elephants eat, they kind of look like lemons don't they? The tall grass is pretty to see, but watch out, a lion could be hiding in it! And we can't forget about the large water holes, where animals of all types come to cool down and drink water.

Time to Label

For learners who are practicing their writing, there are a lot of opportunities here!

  • Zebra labels: mane, tail tuft, hoof, strips, zebra, water hole

  • Lion labels: mane, whiskers, paws, claws, lion, tall grass

  • Giraffe labels: horns, neck, hoof, spots, giraffe, acacia tree

  • Elephant labels: ears, tusk, trunk, skin, feet, elephant, marula fruit

Writing Prompts

  • If you were an animal in Africa, what kind would you be? What would you eat? Where would you go? What would you be scared of?

  • If you were on a safari, would you want to be in a car or walking? Would you try to pet any animals? Would you wat to stay away from some animals? What would you wear?

Safari Yoga

Here is a fun video that will get you moving while thinking of animals that you'd see on a safari. Feel free to play this video whenever your learners need to get some energy out!

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