Roman Aqueduct

Whenever we want water, we can turn on the sink, go to the fridge, or turn a facet on in bathtub. The water comes out instantly! But how did people get water a long time ago? Sometimes they'd have to go to a river, and carry the water inside of pots, back to their homes. But the ancient Romans created something called an aqueduct!

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Parts of an Aqueduct

Wouldn't it be fun to draw a lake or river, with tunnels going through a mountain, connected to an aqueduct, going to a city? Make it as detailed as you like, and label it if you can!

How Did They Lift the Stones?

The Romans used a treadwheel crane, look closely as you can see people inside! Can you draw a picture of people building the aqueduct? Here are some people from the middle ages using a similar crane, it has labels for some of the key parts:

Watch this video of the treadwheel crane:

Make Your Own Aqueduct

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