Immune System

You've probably heard of your immune system, but what does that mean? How does it work? Let's first watch the video below:

Draw the Parts as People!

You can be creative here, and draw the different parts of the immune system as people, heroes, doctors, whatever you like! Let's draw 1) Antigens (like bad guys) 2) Leukocytes (detect antigens, like alarms or detectives) 3) Phagocytes (collecting and sending information, like a mailbox, camera or computer) 4) T Cells (fighting the antigens, like a knight, boxer, or police man) 5) B Lymphocytes (makes antibodies, like a factory worker or construction man) 6) Antibodies (destroy antigens, like a bomb or big hammer)

Write a story You can write a creative story about the immune system, and you can include the drawings you made as characters if you want. Here is a timeline to follow that you can base your story off:

  • antigens enter body

  • leukocytes detect this

  • phagocytes tells macrophages and dendritic cells to eat the antigens

  • phagocytes collect information about the antigens

  • phagocytes send information to lymphocytes

  • The lymphocytes, known as T cells, look for infected body cells

  • The B lymphocytes use the information to create antibodies

  • The antibodies connect themselves to the antigens to destroy them

  • The B lymphocytes and T cells continue fighting the antigens, while you might feel a fever

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