How Internet Works

Since school is closed for many learners around the world, including us, many schools have to use the internet to stay connected with each other. We use the internet to share our blog posts - like this one! - and to communicate with one another. But what is the internet? How does the internet work?

Educational Video

Make a Paper Laptop

Let's put our cutting, coloring and writing skills to work and make a paper laptop! If you can't write yet, just cut out some squares to make "keys" for the keyboard, and paste them to a piece of paper. If you can write, look at a computer keyboard for reference and write the letters:

Then, draw a picture of what's on your computer screen. Are you calling your friends? Watching a video? Reading an article? Draw and color whatever you'd like! If you are writing, you can put some words on the "screen" such as who you're talking to, or what the video/article is about. Lastly, you can paste the screen onto another piece of paper. Here is mine, where I put the keyboard and screen on a folded piece of construction paper:

Parts of a Router

You can print the picture below, and color it however you like. If you are able to write, you can write the following words on slips of paper and then paste them onto the router:

  • antenna, phone port, ethernet ports, reset button, power button, power input, feet

Message Timeline

Can you make a timeline of a message being sent from your computer to a friend's computer? Just like they said in the video, it starts with your file on your computer, then it's broken down into small packets which go to your router. Then they go to your friend's router, and are put back together and shown on their computer! Here is my drawing:

If you can write, here are some words/labels to write: computer file, small packets, my router, friends router, friends computer

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