Without a doubt, you have heard your parents and your Guides at Wonder say this phrase numerous times. You even see signs about it at restaurants and other public spaces. Where have you seen a sign that says “Wash your hands”?

Can you make your own sign for “Wash your hands” and put it up on your bathroom door?

After blowing your nose, before eating, after eating, after using the restroom, and many other times we wash our hands. Can you think when else we wash hands?

But WHY is it so important to wash our hands? Because there are germs and we don’t want them on us. But, what is a Germ anyways?

Mystery Doug will explain this to us in less than 360 seconds, 6 minutes:

Aside from soap and water, do you ever use Hand Sanitizer? It is like a gel that we can use to clean out hands when we don’t have a sink and soap available. Have you ever used hand sanitizer? Did it smell like soap? Did it have the same texture as soap or did it feel a little different?

Here is another video for you, this time about "How does hand sanitizer kill germs?"


Let’s try a science experiment to see how soap works.

If you’re child cannot yet read, click on the link below to watch a step-by-step quick video and do it alongside it.

If your child is reading, he/she can read the instructions below and follow along.

What you will need:

· A bowl

· Water

· Black ground pepper

· Liquid soap in a separate bowl


1) Take out a bowl and place some water in it

2) Take the black ground pepper and sprinkle some in the bowl of water

3) Place the tip of your finger in the bowl. What happened? Did the pepper stick to your finger?

4) Clean your finger and dip it in the soap

5) Dip your soapy finger in the bowl with pepper. What happened now?


Using the same methods as you did for the Solar System and for the Newspaper activities, can you make your own drawing or virus and germs? You can cut papers in the shapes below, or you can use little squares of cut paper and paste them into different shapes.

Have fun, and remember to wash your hands and not touch your face, nose, ears, or mouth!

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