Chocolate galore!

Where does chocolate from? How is chocolate made? Watch the short video below to find out!

Draw a cocoa tree and the different parts of the cacao pod! You can use any medium you have available and is of preference: crayons, color pencils, watercolor, or even cutting out the shape of the cocoa pods!

Here is what a Cocoa Tree looks like:

And here is what the cocoa pod looks like inside:

Draw a cocoa tree and the different parts of the cacao pod! If you can, label everything you drew! (tree, cocoa pod, cocoa bean, cocoa nib)

Did you know there are three main types of chocolate:

1) Dark chocolate: the ingredients are nibs, cocoa butter, sugar

Have you ever tasted dark chocolate? How did it taste to you?

2) White chocolate: ingredients are sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, and NO nibs!

Have you ever tasted white chocolate? How did it taste to you?

3) Milk chocolate: nibs, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter

People around the world have created hundreds of chocolate candy variations! Here are some pictures of chocolate around the world:

Torontos from Venezuela have a hazelnut in the middle!

Here is some dark chocolate with cashew butter:

And here are some assorted chocolates that you can find at a chocolatier!

Did you know you can DRINK chocolate?

You have probably had some Hot chocolate before, have you?

Draw a picture of your favorite mug to drink Hot chocolate in!

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