Butterfly Metamorphosis

When does a butterfly become a butterfly? Is it born that way or does it start off as something else? Check out the picture below by National Geographic that shows the stages from egg to butterfly. This process is called metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is when something living physically changes after being born. The butterfly starts as an egg, then becomes a caterpillar, next forms into a pupa (or chrysalis) and finally becomes a butterfly.

For Younger Learners

Can you make your own butterflies out of paper? Can you make each wing the same on both sides? This is called symmetry. Whatever you draw and color on one side, be sure to draw and color the same thing on the other side in the same spot, just like the picture below:

Here are some beginning sounds you can practice. Can you draw a picture of some of the things below and play the sound game with your drawings? I spy something that starts with "b!" e - egg

c - caterpillar, crawl,

p - pupa

b - butterfly

l - life

s - symmetry

m - moth

For Learners Practicing Writing

Can you make the life cycle of a butterfly, like above? Draw an egg, a caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. Then draw arrows and write the name for each part of the cycle.

Can you draw a butterfly, and color it so that it's symmetrical? Make sure you have a body in the middle, between the wings! Then write on paper the following words, cut them out and label the parts:

  • mouth, head, antenna, thorax, abdomen, fore wing, hind wing

For More Experienced Writers

After you make the butterfly above, here are some questions for you that you can write about:

  • If you were a butterfly where would you go? What colors would you be?

  • If you were stuck inside the pupa, what would you spend time doing?

  • Would you want to be a caterpillar for a long time? Or would you want to become a butterfly as quick as possible?

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