Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was a civilization from a long time ago - thousands of years ago! Even though it is very old, our cities and country have learned a lot of things from the Greeks. Check out this video for a good introduction:

Types of Pillars

Here are pictures of three types of Greek pillars. You can draw them and even label them. We often see just plain white pillars on the ruins of Greek buildings, but that is because the paint was washed off a long time ago. Many buildings had bright colors, how would you color them?


The Greeks had beautiful theaters that looked like the pictures below. Can you draw a theater and then label the parts? People would get in through the "parados" which means entrance. The people would then sit in the "theatron" which is the seating area. The orchestra is where the musicians would play music for the play. The "skene" is like the stage, where the actors would perform the play for people to watch.

Write a Story

  • If you could go back in time thousands of years to ancient Greece, what would you do?

  • If you had to make a play to show an audience in a theater, what would it be about? Who are the characters? What happens?

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